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Lumunos;  Formerly Faith @ Work
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Aim Toward Love by Matthew Perry
Aim Toward Love by Matthew Perry
A Year of Loss, Learning & Connection

Aim Toward Love by Matthew PerryA book of poetry showing Matthew's call as he transitions to a new way of life following his marriage.

Here is one poem:





The flavors love comes in are limitless.  

Just as soon as you think nothing is lovelier than strawberry mint,  

ginger banana comes along,  

then chicken soup dill,  

followed by garlic Parmesan,  

lemongrass basil,  

and espresso chip.

I guess you forget this when you only ever go to your favorite place and get your favorite flavor, your usual.

But wouldn't it be best if, once you realize 
the spectacular spectrum of palette-piquing tastes, you find a new favorite place
and try everything it has to offer --
and even suggest a few new flavors
for all to try. 


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