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Creative Aging by Marjory Bankson
Creative Aging by Marjory Bankson
Rethinking Retirement and Non-Retirement in a Changing World

Celebrate a new round of Call!

In a practical and useful way, Marjory Zoet Bankson explores the spiritual dimensions of retirement and aging.  She offers creative ways for you to share your gifts and experience, particularly when retirement leaves you questioning who you are when you are no longer defined by your career.  Drawing on stories of people who have reinvented their lives in their older years, Bankson explores the issues you need to address as you move into this generative period of life.

Release: Letting go of the vocational identity associated with your career or primary work
Resistance: Feeling stuck, stagnant, resisting change
Reclaiming: Drawing energy from the past, discovering unused gifts
Revelation: Forming a new vision of the future
Crossing Point: Moving from stagnation to generativity
Risk: Stepping out into the world with new hope
Relating: Finding or creating new structures for a new kind of work

Marjory Bankson encourages the Boomer generation to change yet one more thing in our society:  aging successfully!

"Beyond our adult work or career stretches a span of ten or fifteen years in which most of us have valuable experience to offer but little cultural expectation of being productive.  Some might continue in their old career track.... Others, as pictured in AARP magazine, will focus on exercising to stay fit and traveling to stay intellectually engaged.  Still others will become easy targets for unrelenting ads for leisure living: endless activity, a gated community, and help when health fails.  Much in our culture sends the message that endless leisure is the reward for our striving, and there are countless article on stretching our financial resources to cover these "golden years."  However, there is a great shortage of discussion about the inner work of making our aging years creative and meaningful.  That's what I want to explore in this book."  ~from the Epilogue

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